• About Us

PT Ulung Wae Tanah

Starting to established on 12 August 2011 at Flores Manggarai NTT as a family company, which is incorporated in agriculture in Flores Manggarai. From the hereditary as a coffee farmer, PT Ulung Wae Tanah professionally expands to the processing of agricultural products in 2016.

The values pursued by PT Ulung Wae Tanah itself, have the nature of heart serving and fair to all, not exploiting the universe, and making reasonable transactions to farmers and collectors. The growth of PT Ulung Wae Tanah can be by giving and not taking.

PT Ulung Wae Tanah itself is directly involved with activities of positive activities to build the life of local people of Manggarai. Both farmer groups and other community groups in Flores, Manggarai.

PT Ulung Wae Tanah professionally, from time to time improve the results of agricultural products mainly Manggarai coffee, to export to the whole world, and make Flores Manggarai products as premium products and most wanted by people in Indonesia and in the International.