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Geographical condition of Manggarai quite dry, and location high altitude, and have a little influence of cold wind Australia, that make the process of ripe coffee berry to be perfect and that make the coffee have unique taste.

Manggarai coffee is most familiar as Flores Coffee.

Some kind of favourite Manggarai Coffee:


Flores Coffee naturally contains very little caffeine about 0.8%-1.4%, high fragrance of lemon taste, its body so balance, and always presented as single origin.


Flores Coffee has a distinctive flavour, smooth, contains mint, and has a neutral character with a caffeine content of 1.7% -4%, commonly used as a ground-based expresso with a distinctive, delicate flavour, containing mint, and neutral character Perfect when mixed

Yellow Caturra Coffee

Arabica Yellow Coffee originally from Flores Manggarai. Local people familiar to this coffee as Colombia coffee, it rare coffee that the category of extraordinary coffee. It called rare because the coffee stock is indeed very limited, it is said there are only 700 trees. It called extraordinary coffee because this coffee is very amazing. For single origin, this coffee has a complex and lively character. Starting from the rich flavour, good acidity, full body, complete taste, chocolaty and nutty, a sweet taste to the end or after a long and impressive. Therefore, this coffee is the dream of the roasters. If in general, ripe coffee is red, then the fruit of Yellow Caturra Coffee is mature optimally even yellow.


is a legend Flores Coffee. Juria is the first coffee varieties grown on Flores, especially in Colol area, Manggarai. Juria in Flores is generally more than 50 years old, with coffee trees reaching 4-5 meters high. Juria is known as the "Mother of Coffee" and was rescued by West Manggarai people, the number is very limited because several times tried to be planted in areas outside Colol but did not get satisfactory results. The sweet taste of fruity with thin body combined with the taste of caramel chocolate flavor in harmony. Its acidity is similar to Yellow Caturra varieties is lime. While the final taste of Juria seems to be declining in almost all arabica coffee from Flores, nutty.


Flores coffee beans, taken from the rest of the mongoose / civet mongoose. This coffee beans have a different taste after being eaten and passed through the digestive tract of mongoose. Coffee Experts argue that the reason coffee beans that produce really good coffee for two reasons: the choice of mongoose and digestion. Mongoose is good at choosing the best coffee to eat, which means the coffee beans they remove from the highest quality. In addition, when the coffee berries are in the digestive tract of mongoose, they absorb some of the acids and enzymes in the animal's digestive tract. Fermentation becomes a distinctive flavor of coffee: soft, like chocolate and without bitterness.

Red Caturra

is sweeter than yellow caturra. Its dominant flavours: grape, berry and chocolate. (By contrast, Yellow Caturra has more tropical fruit flavours. Red Catura have an intense acidity yields to sweetness as it cools. The coffees character so balance between its flavours that good consolidate of acidity and floral flavours.


Lanang in Bahasa Indonesia means Male, Coffee lanang or male coffee in one fruit there is one coffee bean. The coffee bean sticking like conjoined twins. We sort some green beans to find rare coffee lanang, that make Coffee lanang quite expensive.